About Us

George Dellos & Ian Farris - Owners of E&G Baseball Academy Santa Fe, NM

E&G Baseball Academy is owned an operated by Ian Farris and George Dellos. Two former college baseball players that have spent their entire lives dedicated to baseball. Undersized and overlooked, Farris and Dellos fought their way into college baseball, starting in junior college and finishing at the Division 1 level.

Farris is a local graduate of Santa Fe High School (SFHS) and Dellos is a native of Mesquite TX. Both have been coaching at SFHS this past year and are now full-time baseball trainers. Through E&G Baseball Academy, they look to create an established youth baseball culture in Northern New Mexico with private lessons, teams and camps for all ages and skill levels.

Coach Farris, being a native of Santa Fe, has an extreme connection to the youth of Northern New Mexico. “Growing up in Santa Fe, I had no one to help me get to the next level. I was basically on my own when it came to training, studying, and getting myself interest from college coaches.” Says Farris. “I want to be able to bridge the gap for these kids that want a taste of college baseball, and to provide a safe place for kids to learn and grow to be the best people they can.”

Although Dellos is not a native New Mexican, his ability to connect with kids here is special. “I feel like I see myself in these kids,” he says. “Growing up in Dallas with so much competition it didn’t help being 5’5″. I was overlooked at every level I played at and no one took me seriously as a ballplayer no matter how well I played.” “These kids in Northern New Mexico have a similar situation in which no college/pro coach takes them seriously, but it didn’t stop me and it doesn’t have to stop them.”

Meet the Owners

George Dellos is a 2009 graduate of North Mesquite High School in Mesquite TX, which is part of the greater Dallas area. George participated 5 years playing high school baseball in one of the most talented regions of high school baseball in the country. After high school he earned a scholarship to Luna Community College where he played both outfield and infield for two years. George then went on to play for one year at Texas College University in Tyler TX, before transferring to Savannah State University for the remainder of his college career, earning a 2013 MEAC championship on the way. He graduated in 2014 with a BA in History and is now coaching full-time.

 Ian Farris is a 2009 Santa Fe High School graduate and current assistant coach at SFHS. After participating in the demon baseball program for 5 years earning all-district accolades as an infielder, Ian earned a scholarship to Luna Community College in Las Vegas NM where he played for two years. After LCC, he continued his education and baseball career at Savannah State University in Savannah GA, where he played infield and was on the 2013 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Champion team that earned a spot in the 2013 D1 NCAA TOURNAMENT. Ian graduated from SSU in 2014 with a BA in History and is now pursuing coaching full-time.